Apr 28, 2017

How did the UP trains get to Union Station from the east in Spokane?

Studying old bones is an art to discover history and this seems to be the same process. What in the world is
this concrete underpass in east Spokane? Its behind Adams Tractor on Trent Avenue.
When I got here in 1967 I did not understand this feature as there were 3 or 4 of these underpasses with fill which handled
some rail line. I later found out that this is how Union Pacific, Spokane International and Milwaukee Road
trains would use this route to get to Union Station from the east.
Here is Union Pacific Tower in East Spokane crossing the ex-NP main line. This train is heading north to Canada
but in the old days the switch immediately in front would be thrown to go to the right and travel across those
concrete underpasses to downtown Spokane.
Here we see the old S&IE electric ( ex-GN, ex BN line ) trestle crossing the Spokane River being torn down
but behind it is the trestle coming off the concrete underpasses and fill to the left. Brown Building supply would
be to the right of this photo. Trent Avenue is to my back.
The track went into a short tunnel and came out of the trough and went under Division Street to get to Union Station
on Trent Avenue. The brewery was Inland Metals back then. This is now the college campus area.
Now we arrive at the famous Union Station that was the pride and joy of Spokane for a few generations
where the City of Hinkle, trains to Portland, Spokane International passenger trains and the Milwaukee Hiawatha
would have been visitors as one time. The GN station to the left where the tower was saved at the Riverfront Park.
Is everyone sufficiently confused?

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  1. Might it be possible to use the photo with Inland Metals in the background for a review I'm writing and addresses the hobos of the 60s and 70s? They used to gather there in the winter around fires. Thanks.