Apr 19, 2017

Train time is anytime!

Some 2 miles from our club the Milwaukee Road long distance passenger trains past our way along Dishman–Mica Road in the Spokane Valley. Don Carnegie has done his best to show us what it
would have looked like back over 50 years ago. They had 4-8-4 steam engines such as the one shown doing the duties to get the train through the non-electrified gap between Avery, Idaho and
Othello, Washington.
These Alco FA-1s were the choice the SP&S made to replace the steam on their railroad. These 4 units are in the original colors before they went to the broad stripes. Keith Wiles owns these models.
We had 2 BN trains running on the layout when I arrived which reminded me of so many times I watched BN trains passing through town. People who have stopped by the club know this is what you would
first see when walking in the door.
Tom Kirk had the UP train making the rounds with first generation diesels that
did away with steam on mainline trains.
Keith Wiles came up with these 2 tank cars with his first name on them. Are they legit?

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