Apr 2, 2017

Evergreen club visits 2 home layouts in the Spokane Valley.

What better way is there to spend an afternoon with friends visiting 2 terrific model railroad layouts that they had not seen before? We started out
with a pizza party at Savageland where we had 16 members, 2 family members and 1 guest for lunch. We then departed to Allan Cunningham's home
where an N scale masterpiece awaited us. Allan has his layout functioning where 18 trains can run on his layout with the push of 2 buttons.
The theme is all Canadian railroads including many passenger trains from VIA to Canadian Pacific
and Canadian National trains represented. The detail is amazing and everyone was impressed with
Allan's work and craftsmanship.
Not only were they well done but they were long trains and everything stayed on the rails and worked
perfectly. If space is at a premium, N scale is the answer.
Our next stop was Chuck Heimerdinger's HO empire but his theme was Southern Pacific standard
and narrow gauge in the 1930s. Members gathered to enjoy another well done layout and hopefully be
inspired by what they saw.
Another room had another theme built around logging which Chuck is very familiar with his travels
to many logging railroads when they were still running in the west.
Will and Rod were taking photos when I came in this room and commenting on Chuck's work on his
log reloader when they used available materials to built it. The log stumps and the forest debris was
well done.

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