Apr 6, 2017

What's new at the Evergreen?

One of our new members named Ver ( not a mistake) had this Baby GE (not 6 axle but 4 axle) at the club but it had no number so I came to
his rescue and added the correct numbers to that particular model. He is well on his way to have a fleet of cars to pull as well.
Not so new member Will made this detailed model to reflect his love of shortline railroads and this
one is in a name of his youth to built a hypothetical railroad of his own making.
Three of the members gathered their trains for a group shot that I was asked to use for a shot.
None of them have ventured near the spray booth?
This is the maiden run of Keith Wiles newest addition to the SP&S fleet and it's a beauty! Its another one
of those Challengers that sounds like the real thing. The tiny WP engine stopped in awe when it was passing by.
Fifty years of technical advancement is seen here with SP&S RS-1s representing the 50s and  the
Union Pacific EMDs show what the current power looks like. The two UP engines would match 8 of the
SP&S models in pulling power.
Our newest new member s Colin FitzGerald and that's his Great Northern train on Heimerdinger trestle.

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