Apr 15, 2017

The delivery is not done until the lowly switcher puts it there.

Each car no matter what the contents is a special delivery by some switch engine putting it at the place where the customer needs it
to start the unloading process. That's what member Jack Pappas was doing Thursday night at the club. The railroad does not get paid
until the load is delivered.
Unlike passengers on passenger trains or trolleys who have to pay in advance to get on. Jack had this
Dewitt Clinton trolley making the rounds on the Blue main line picking up customers and dropping them off
maybe at their favorite fishing spot or too drunk to drive themselves home.
A very common sight to see steam engines delivering logs to the mills as we see here. Now trucks do
the heavy lifting bringing the logs out of the mountains instead of railroads, that's if the government
allows them to do it in the states.
If you live in the Spokane region you'll see many UP trains with Canadian power pulling everything
from potash to grain heading for the coastal ports for overseas delivery.
In the good old days Great Northern handled a lot of wood products from finished lumber to wood chips
and the SD7  is looking for more with the return of empties to the lills.
Thursday was a busy night when 5 of our members were recognized for their birthdays. Not only were there
plenty of members but we had 4 visitors from the Wenatchee area there to help us celebrate.

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