Apr 25, 2017

They just keep rolling along!

Four brand new Northern Pacific EMD GP-9's are on their first run out west crossing the many rivers it will encounter on the way. Ah, the good old days! Greg Mercier's models on a sunny Monday afternoon at the club.
The crew of this SP&S freight set has stopped for lunch at one of their beaneries on their railroad. They must have shut off the engines as there
is no smoke coming out of the engines, after all it is lunch time. They must have good batteries though as the lights were left on?
At times both railroads ran along side each other at Pasco and Spokane and this kind of shows that.
SP&S and rocks seem to go together especially around the Columbia River with plenty of tunnels to keep them company. The big one in the lead has 2 of its little brothers in tow.

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