Apr 13, 2017

Boeing plances still looking for a place to land!

If you live in the great northwest seeing airplane bodies sailing down the tracks has become common place. They come out west on MRL tracks but the
trains are still BNSF and the power tells you who is running the show. They have trackage rights on the MRL from Laural, Montana to Sandpoint, Idaho where
they finally get back on their own BNSF ( ex-NP) rails just east of the Sandpoint bridge over Lake Pend'Orielle.
This scene is possible in the Spokane area as UP tracks ( ex-SI) run paralell for a distance where a race
could be achieved. Even Rio Grande could be involved as the UP absorbed them back in the 90s.
Anything is possible at the Evergreen as lease power could show up anywhere in the country including
the Chicago & Northwestern ( now UP)
Woops, someone forgot to set the brakes and this occurred on the Green Branch. It reminds me of
Breakheart Pass movie where a box car was rolling down the hill and derails at a bridge before
it takes off into the wild blue.  I gotta change my meds?
Just like the big guys we also have members running pusher service on their trains. There is no
crew aboard the real locos as the guy in front controls them by using black magic! We do it with Digitacts.
Another member has joined the club and Colin is an experienced modeler and that is his GN train on
the bridge,

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