May 1, 2017

Modeling mirrors real life!

Jack Pappas works the port district at the Evergreen club with his BNSF Geep while his short line loco waits its turn.
Burt broke away from the Camas Prairie mindset to run his Santa Fe steam engine that is scheduled
to become a Northern Pacific steamer.
The Goat goes Blue! From 1966 to 1970 the Great Northern played with Big Sky Blue just before the
BN merger canceled any attempt to  change to anything else than BN Green.  Janis owns the passenger train but
I'm not sure who owns the freight train other than Jim Hill?
This one is owned by happy Steve Weso working the Green branch looking for an industry that needs empty
bulkhead flats. The crew is praying that the bridge will hold together as it is a Heimerdinger creation.
East meets west as Maine Central trains rule the rails. At least they don't smoke?
Burlington Northern still has a remnant of one of their merger units still in service as a modern set
passes in the background.

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