Oct 5, 2013

What's new on the Evergreen Railroad?

After shooting photos on the Evergreen club layout I still try to take photos at different angles to keep the collection fresh. Jim Bowden stopped his train at this spot when we started the clean up at the club. I leaned over the club with my hand straight out with the camera and got what I think is a pretty good dramatic shot of his Santa Fe freight.
Mike Gorley had this intermodal train ready to go when I noticed the yellow stripe on the nose that lines up with the yellow seperation stripe on the body. I looked at a few of my
photos of the real thing and I did not see them on the prototype. Is this something they are doing and never noticed before?
I haven't run a GN train in a long time especially the older F units so I brought this set in to run with the small ore cars that was in the estate stuff.
I forgot I owned this well detailed caboose I got several years ago that has interior lighting and red marker lights installed. The little ore cars can be seen in this shot. I added the loads.

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