Sep 21, 2013

The Flying Heritage Museum in Everett, WA (Part 5)

I think this aircraft was the most produced by the Russians in WW2. It's called the Storm-o-vik" ( English version) and it was the tank buster that our A-10 does very well today.
Here's how the Russians spell it but what do they know. This panel describes how important it was to winning the war.
Every city had hundreds of these searchlights to find enemy planes at night so that the anti-aircraft guns could attempt to stop the bombardment. Once you were in the spotlight all anti-aircraft guns were aimed at you!
This German plane is called the Stork as it was light and nimble. One of its kind rescued Mussolini from the Italians holding him on a mountaintop and this was the only plane that could land and take off from such a place. A few months later they were able to hang him in Milan.
The P-47 Thunderboat had a huge aircooled engine that could take a beating and keep flying especially after doing strafing of locomotives, rail yards and anything else of value.
This Russian Mig 29 was an air superiority fighter that could take off and go straight up to 35,000 feet in 1 minute. It is the only piece of equipement that does not fit into the WW2 era. The first one was built in 1983. Two engines and twin tailed opponent in the thousands. I recomend all of you to visit this museum if you have any interest in military equipment like I do. Paine Field inn Everett, Heritage Air Museum.

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