Oct 26, 2013

Evergreen action

Brock showed up Thursday night to unveil his latest creation of his BNSF units pulling an executive train of ex-Santa Fe passenger cars on a tour of the Evergreen lines. Nice!
Mike Baker showed up with a rough looking set of BN units pulling nicely weathered freight cars. Atta boy, Mike!!!
It was long and even had a BN caboose bringing up the rear. I sure do miss the caboose!
While setting up for a double shot of BN and SP&S trains what else shows up but a BNSF double stack near our port district that gets closer and closer to completion.
This guy on the left claims to be Todd Schwenk from Portland, Oregon. One rumor is that he published a book on the SP&S 15 years ago but the guy's photo in the book has dark hair!
The other guy claims to run BNSF trains for a living but in his fantasy world he is known as Mr SP&S Keith Wiles!  They were trading stories on SP&S passenger equipment.
Todd brought in 4 brass cabooses at a bargain price that he got in a damaged equipment sale and I gave them the primary caboose red paint to make them into SP&S rolling stock.
The Spokane Valley was glowing with color the other day along East Sprague when I was taking the wife to the doctor's office. These trees caught my eye with their colorful
brilliance even though it is not railroad related. Not all of our trees are Pine trees!

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