Oct 21, 2013

We got a new shooter in town!

When I went out to my car to get my camera last night who do I see shooting photos of the front of the layout but Spike Gorley!   This shot is through the window of the club and it gave me a new angle and scene to share with you.
One of the regulars showing up on Thursday night is Keith Wiles and this was a new look for him as it is not SP&S equipment.  I would have added smoke but alias no Photoshop.
I played with my rolling stock but used the club's motive power last night. This scene was never shot from this angle as there was nothing to see around the port untill recently.
Burt and I did some filling in some landfills that were in need and added the weeds that give the area some color. Plus the lights. The camera focused on the bridge instead of the train!
Mr. Gorley's new addition to his collection is this sounded BNSF loco with the mystery stripe on the nose. We need to fix that factory error!
My trainset and Keith's lined up together and I caught both trains on the rear section of the layout. Maybe we need to change club run days as some
members haven't been seen lately. Anyone have any suggestions? Would Wednesday night be better?

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