Oct 14, 2013

Open House on the Prairie

We got the place cleaned up and the folks started arriving at 4 pm instead of the advertised 5 pm start time. Open houses are special to the members who can show off their efforts a few times a year when we open the joint up for visitors who come into town for the Train Show and we give them something to do on Saturday night!
Things started popping as Jim Bowden had has good looking Santa Fe 4-8-4 doing the chores pulling a very long freight train. I did the weathering!
Tommy Frank made a partial comeback after surgery and has his long passenger train making the turnaround on the Red line through an added tunnel section so they can go in the opposite direction.
Mounr Whitney is on the Green Branch where only small diesels and small steam engines dare to tred. Burt had his little 2-6-0 making the rounds with an ore train.
One young visitor wanted to get the little steamer on the bridge but it looks like I distracted him. The red light protects the back section of the layout when someone already occupys
that section of track. Safety first!
UP and Santa Fe speed by on a paralell course but who will get to the tunnel portals first is anyones guess. This would have been a good photo to use Photoshop but I don't have it at home anymore when my computer crashed 3 months ago.

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