Oct 21, 2013

The Wenatcheeans invade the Spokane Valley train Club!

Ron Neidhart , was one of the Wenatchee boys that I took the trip to Train Mountain with last year was one of the invaders. Ron makes believe he has film in his camera as
a BN freight passes by. Is his finger on the lens?
Stan Marr really impressed me with this box of locos he owns but he reminded me that most of these critters were once in the inventory of me!  I didn't realize what a good customer he was!  He paid me with Wenatchee funny money!
People make the funniest faces when they don't know they are being photographed! Stan sets up his BN F units on the Blue yard.
Here are what they really look like. Stan added extra detail so they look even better than before!  Did he really pay me for them? I can't remember?
Three more Wenatcheeans are shown here and 2 of the 3 used to be Evergeen RR Modelers. Jim Trunzo donated a beautiful model of a (Vinegar?) factory located on the layout and
Mike Walcker wears one of the early club member shirts. They traveled 200 miles to see what was new on the club layout. Other visitors were from Canada, Helena and Missoula, MT.

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