Oct 26, 2013

NEWS FLASH! Halloween Schedule Change and Photos!

By executive decision I decree the holy day of Halloween overrides the 5 years of members showing up on Thursday. On a one time decree the President of Evergreen Railroad modelers
declares that we we meet instead on the following day next week. Our big day will be Friday, November 1st from 1 pm to 9 pm. We would do the same if Thanksgiving and Christmas
did the same.

That's Spike Gorley's lone CP unit doing the heavy lifting.
This is Mike Bakers' idea to show Brock's special train in a derailment!  It shows we are not all perfect! Stay tuned for Mike Bakers' train to run aground!
Keith Wiles had his SP&S passenger train making the rounds last night and we agreed that the F unit needs to be upgraded to the lead E units looks.
Keith's train reflects what the SP&S passenger train looked like when it left Spokane as a collection of GN cars, NP cars and their own assortment to round out the roster.
They took cars from NP's train, GN Builder and put them together for the run to Portland, Oregon while the other 2 trains headed for Seattle, Washington back in the day before Amtrak.

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