Oct 12, 2013

Tuning up for the big show!

The Spokane Swap meet and train show is on Sunday but our show at the Evergreen Club is on Saturday (tomorrow! ) Here is the stored equipment that the club will be selling for an estate sale and its our way of making a few bucks. Check out our club tables to see what we have.
One of the favorites Saturday night starting at 5 pm will be Jim Bowden's Santa Fe Northern with a long string of ice reefers from the good old days. Wait till you hear the sounds this beauty makes!
Jim did some video shooting with his camera phone and the action was sururb! Someday we will do another video production of the improvements we have made on the layout.
Keith Wiles ( Mr. SP&S ) is running some Norhtern Pacific equipment and this little passenger train was very nice addition to his stuff.
Spike Gorley will have his Canadian Pacific freight in action as it passes my UP Gas Turbine which is a favorite of mine.
The latest addition to the port district are crossing signals which protects 3 main lines and a siding. Good luck on the wireing on this project!
See you all tomorrow night from 5 to 9 pm at 18213 East Appleway.

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