Oct 11, 2013

Railfanning by telephoto lens

Playing it "safe' these days makes me pick locations that may not be my first choice but it helps my photo desires for taking pictures. This site is interesting in several ways. The first is that BNSF gave me three different paint schems in one shot. I like number 3 the best. The rails below the bridge are the old Spokane International, now Union Pacific to Canada. The other side of the opening used to have the Spokane & Inland Empire electrified line to Coeur d'Alene as well. The GN ran it for a number of years but no more.
I'm on a public street, at least I think I am, where these 2 old war horses were at the east end of Yardley, Washington on the old NP line. The stripe below the number 1875 tells me that it is a remote controlled ( man on ground) unit for switching the yard. Maybe member Keith Wiles has run these units around?
This grain hopper was hit by vandals and they must have used a paint roller to get the paint 13 feet high. Where's there a BNSF cop when you need one?
Coming home on Monday it was raining pretty hard when the sun came out when I was still downtown heading for the hobby shop to drop off open house flyers for our Saturday event.
The double rainbows showed up and by aiming my camera out the window i was able to time one rainbow hitting my favorite hobby store in the whole world.

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