Oct 21, 2013

Did Spokane join up with Canada?

I did not need to travel to Canada to take this shot as I saw the headlight driving down Sprague and doubled back to a safe pphoto spot. The old Spokane International tracks that the Union Pacific took over in 1959 gives UP the connection with Canada thru Spokane.
I noticed almost every grain car had some kind of grafitti on it and how this guy got 14 feet above the rails to do this is beyond me unless he brought a ladder to do his work.
Where are the cops when you need one?
My favorite car was this CP grainer with graphics that must have taken hours to do. Someone will have to do the translating for me.
We have 3 Mikes in our train club. I wonder if any of them had anything to do with this one?
This UP train finally had one of their own with a pusher helper that needs a bath.
Coming home today I saw this little yard switcher that moves grain cars around the plant and it has real wheels and track wheels depending on what it needs to do. Cute?

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