Nov 10, 2013

Burning and Turning!

That caption generally refers to air combat but now it can also refer to this Northern Pacific 4-4-0 that burns wood and turns wheels with the heat from the wood turning water into steam and it makes the wheels go around. It sure was a lot better system than anything that came before it!
Back in the good old days of 1976 a lot of railroads came up with painting one or more locos in the Bi-Centennial colors of red, white and blue and the Milwaukee Road was no different. The 156 loco came through Spokane several times on detours on the BN as their line was tied up with a wreck or something. It's good to see it return to the rails!
Tom is now loading up his coal cars with coal and they look a lot better with loads in them. His Great Northern SD45 was the premier power on the railroad for a number a years before the BN merger.
The queen of the SP&S is the #750 E-7 that I saw the real thing many times in this color scheme in Hillyard and downtown GN station with the passenger set going to Portland, Oregon.
Passengers came in on the NP trains or the Great Northern trains to Spokane and transfered to the SP&S if they wanted to go to Portland, Oregon. This happened at night as my shots of it are all night shots at the station, a risky business shooting Kodachrome 25, a very slow film.
Spike Gorley ran the BNSF train first and then switched to the motherland loco in the form of Canadian Pacific. Someday she will have a soulmate to run with.

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