Feb 3, 2017

Fw: BN Green goes on the Green branch line

How do you test a wood bridge to see if will hold the weight of 2 of its heavest locos back in the 1950s? Why run them up the line and see if they hold.?
That's what Tom Frank decided to do today with his 2 SD9s with a newer set of BN locos doing the
honors on the more substantial Blue main with heaver rail, newer ties and steel bridges running in
parallel to the branch line.
Greg Mercier is the owner of the new stuff in the foreground while the old SD9s keep slugging forward.
Reaching the top of Mount Whitney the 2 SD9s find another wood trestle that threaten the viability
of keeping the line open to the few customers that remain. It suffers from the branch line blues.
One final super sized bridge built by a guy that was never a member but wanted to help us out when we
needed all the help we could get back in the good, old days. It's the famous Chuck Heimerdinger.
Sure we have plenty of trestles but we have as many tunnels to deal with as well. All tunnels have rerailers
installed in them to keep derailments to a minimun. That's the end of fake news for today!

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