Feb 23, 2017

Welcome to Pesek Place

After abandoning the Evergreen Club for greener pastures which turned out to be Georgetown, Texas, I tracked him down last week on my vacation trip with Alice to Austin,
Texas to visit my son James. Here we find Phil up in his second story train layout setup to show me around. Notice everything is on place as Phil is an organizer!
His collection of HO models represents the southwest where Phil grew up so Rock Island, Kansas City Southern
and other roads' equipment is predominant. No SP&S stuff was seen in my investigation. Nice shelf Phil!
The layout is in its infancy but good stuff is coming soon. Note the opening in the layout as it needs
further information as it a piece of art.  The layout will represent the wooded area of his childhood memories.
He was very complimentary to the club members who helped him learn woodworking, electric stuff and
weathering. Phil has won awards for his modeling at national events. He does pay attention!. And he gave
me a new bottle of Flowquil rust paint! Nice!
The bridge area swings down out of the way when Phil or
his friends want to get into the layout. It was very precise
in its structure to allow power to continue through the tracks.
He didn't learn this stuff from me as you can see how precise he lays out everything with logic.
We sure miss him in Spokane as he is a very likeable guy....for a lawyer!
One day Phil brought these 2 KCS units in with a photo of the real thing and he asked me to replicate
the weathering and here is how they look today. Phil will be visiting us the end of March sometime.
Thanks for the warm welcome in my visit, Phil. See you again soon!

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