Feb 9, 2017

Waiting my turn to get a photo.

It was bound to happen, two of the newer members are now taking photos and setting up for scenes and little old me has to wait for my turn. Will Windom and Rod Huffman
(of airplane crashes on the Evergreen fame ) elbow each other to get the ultimate shot of their trains at Beaver Canyon
Later on I was able to talk Rod to move his BNSF loco and caboose to the next bridge
on the Green Branch and took this looking up shot.
Will's latest addition to his collection of branch line engines is this Central Oregon & Pacific diesel but it doesn't scare off
the fisherman who is looking for his evening meal somewhere in the clear waters of Thomas Creek.
John Schwarze WP locos break on the scene as we are setting up for another shot for the Will and Rod show.
I stopped at the club today (Weds) to run my brass Northern Pacific FT diesels and other models but these units got the
attention with my camera coming out of one of 18 tunnels on the layout.
I turned the lights down for low light photography to enhance the headlight. I think it did that and more. This particular diesel
was called the steam engine killer as it replaced a lot of steamers in the late 1940s.

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