Feb 3, 2017


With all the fake news going around, I thought that I should get in the mood of bringing you fake model railroading news. Wait, I do that often? Well here's some
more. The guys called me over to this spot and said here's a photo op for you. So we faked 4 trains coming together like it was a random circumstance. What a
marvelous idea? Why didn't I think of that before?
This time I asked the guys to stop their trains so I can get a sharp photo of the scene back in the
port district. By the way that's a fake highway.
Will Windom had his P&W diesel working the Bakersville industries bringing them fake but clean
wheelsets to some starving industry that doesn't need them.
Well there's that fake fisherman fishing for fake fish in our fake water off our bridge scene.
The two trains catch each other in the front of the layout as well but my money is on the green one
as nobody can catch John Schwarze when he's running. Fake trees anyone?
Janice had her fake electric engine that looks like a steam engine pulling an unusual collection of cars.
At least she doesn't have fake rock in our ore car?  Too much honesty perhaps?

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