Feb 7, 2017

The Evergreen story.

In the beginning there were 12 Equity members that invested $500.00 each to start the Evergreen Railroad
Modelers club in the Spokane Valley. Here we see 4 members adding background panels to the back side of
the layout in a storefront some 25 feet by 60 feet in size. Today we now have 34 members with a variety of
talents and skills. We estimate that there is 30,000 dollars and at least that many hours invested in this layout
to make this layout possible. That's is more than any individual could hope to achieve by himself.
The layout starts taking form and the subgrade is in place waiting for the rail to be laid next. The official
date of the start of this club was September 1st, 2008 some 8 and a half years ago. The layout consists of
3 independent rail systems with grades built into the original design. The roadbed laid is what we call the
Blue line , better known as the main track with 36 inch minimum radius. The other 2 are yet to to built in this photo.
The same location in the above photo some 5 years later with Steve Welton working trains on the Blue Main
with plenty of rock scenery and trestles to add to the view of the 2 trains passing each other.
A bit of wimsey is done with Photoshop to change the I-90 highway exit sign to include the club name
on it. I lifted the Evergreen name from Evergreen Road sign 2 miles west of this exit. It is a tourist
location after all so why not?
We run dozens of club members trains each month and we also have our own equipment painted up
as our own railroad. We have only one goal at our club and that is to have fun. That's why we are in
the hobby in the first place!

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