Feb 14, 2017

Montana moves to the Spokane Valley....maybe a chunck of it anyway!

Marvin tells me that he now has 12 MRL locos in his roster as that railroad now is the sole landlord for Paradise, Montana where he grew up at.
John Schwarze has expanded his horizon beyond the Western Pacific with the addition of 2 Union
Pacific locos to his roster.
Robert Case showed off his 12 car BN passenger fleet that he recently acquired. It looked very
Speaking impressive, here we have Rod Huffman making another run with 37 cabooses on his train.
He says he wants to get to 100 cabooses for his final collection.
Here's the head end of Robert's BN passenger fleet making its maiden run. I told you it was impressive.
Will Windom looks pleased to be videotaping our trains on the layout to add it our Evergreen website.
Will and Don Carnegie are working on making it better.

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