Feb 17, 2017

Evergreen members finally are coming together!

It looks like three trains are going to come together at one switch in the every near future as the Milwaukee Road caboose seems to be leaving the scene of the
crime or accident. Maybe one or two of them will stop in time?  Good thing they are stopped for the photo?
Member Tom Hindley has green blocks all the way to Bakersville as 4 big Santa Fe units haul uphill
at the front of the layout.
Member Jack Pappas moved a flock of ore hoppers back to the Green Branch with his 4 axle units.
It seems Chuck Heimerdinger is going to be upset again as Jack has not lettered his small switcher
as Chuck says its illegal for it not to be. Sorry Chuck but ore cars needed to be moved.
We celebrated Tom Hindley's 60th birthday tonight at the club with desserts made by Chef Marvin.\
Another celebration was for Keith Wiles 38th but not for his birthday but for 38 years working for BN
and BNSF as an engineer. Now he is retired. Can you tell which one Keith is?
A special guest today was Jack Pappas's dad came to visit him at the club
as he was a modeler himself as well as an Air Force veteran and seems
to be a terrific dad making sure his son is fitting in to the club.

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