Feb 3, 2017

Trains run on Tuesday afterboons at the Evergreen.

It says BNSF on the cab but us railfans and modelers know that is a BN color scheme called the executive colors with the new guy adding his name
to the side of the loco.
Young John Schwarze added steam engines to his roster with his little #36 doing the honors today.
My Alco C-363 locos take a lunch break at the local beanery in the Bakersville depot. The Wishram was
one of the last of the railroad beanerys in the Northwest located in the middle of the SP&S railroad.
Young Robert Case took his brand new BN locos for a spin on Tuesday. They haven't seen the inside of a
paint shop since they were created?
Greg Mercier now has 5 NP GP 7s & GP9s on his roster as they pass the Bakersville depot but what
is wrong with this picture? I would say the edge of the earth is apparent but what can be done about it?
I could remove the edge with Photoshop and make it look more realistic but what do you think about
such an environmently damaging action?  Where's the EPA when you need them? The edge of the earth
people are now gathering in front my home!

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