Jan 25, 2017

Jim's new toys

You don't need to be a Great Northern fan to enjoy these new treats that showed up at the
train club today. You don't even need to be a modeler to be entreated to the detail and sounds
that Jim Bowden's new models showed us today. They even work as well as they look!
I added Photoshop smoke to give them some speed on their way around the layout today with the lead engine doing most of the work. Or so it seems. They had their
own smoke coming out of the stack!
Jim gives them the close scrutiny in the back of the layout to make sure they are behaving well.
And they did as far as I could tell.
Other members were running their diesels with Greg having his NP passenger train and Marvin having
his new NP freight units making their maiden run.
John Schwarze had his Western Pacific stuff making the rounds but the caboose with the two fancy
Roadway trailers really caught my eye.
New member Butch Tupper is getting back into the hobby and has become member 34. Butch is the
one who made that fancy pen I showed last week. We expect good things from Butch!

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