Jan 1, 2017

Let there be light!

Sure the lights are on but nobody's home! As nice a model these SP&S units are they seem to look better with a little headlight glare showing through the photo.
Same goes for this Burt Whitney steamer with a little help from Photoshop where I was able to add smoke and steam to the shot. Don't look up the
Camas Prairie loco roster as this one is all in the Burtley mind. They only had lease units from the NP and the UP who shared in the ownership of the CP.
No smoke is needed hopefully to a fuel tank in the Port District where that would mean trouble.
Someone split up the Union Pacific work train you might remember from the Steve Weso Merry Christmas
video with 3 Spokane International RS-1s pulling the train. It makes for an interesting photo.

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