Jan 6, 2017

The Yellow Peril had some of the sweetest trains!

No one who saw a Union Pacific passenger train ever got it confused with the competition unless the competition was trying to emulate the UP to start with. Just as the Milwaukee Road and
Northwestern but it was flattery to say the least. They were always clean and mostly on time. Scotty Smith took his out for a spin tonight and everyone was impressed. Even Chuck Heimerdinger!
Chuck Heimerdinger? Why would I mention him? Well because he was a visitor to the club tonight and
had his own special toy to show off to us in the form of an Milwaukee Road 2-6-6-2 with the coffin
feedwater heater in the front of the smokebox. It was started from an old Chesapeake engine and was
re-engineered to make it look like a model Milwaukee ran through Spokane for a time. Neat, Chuck!
Here we see 2 passenger trains heading in the same direction but different destinations unless it is Portland,
Oregon. or Spokane or a few other notable towns along the way. The other train is the SP&S train #1 or #2.
Another chance meeting of two Northern Pacific freights passing in different directions owned by
Greg Mercier in the front and Marvin Sheppard in the distance.
Burt showed up today with his 4-6-2 Pacific in Union Pacific lettering pulling a short freight past
Bakersville. What no smoke?
The Milwaukee Road still survived as far as Don Carnegie still thinks as 2 of his units keep pulling
for the company no matter what the calendar says.

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