Jan 4, 2017

Passenger service returns to East Fork

Being isolated from the rest of the world, the East Fork residents finally can go to town and pick up a cheeseburger, a beer or a new jacket for the
kids or the wife. The small diesel can easily handle the short train to Bakersville on a regular basis so the workers can enjoy the fruits of their efforts.
A Great Northern switcher emerges from a basalt tunnel in the front of the layout with a lone caboose.
Old #4 brings a short train back down the hill on the green Industrial branch that serves 2 mines and
a log reload station.
Jim Bowden now has a complete 1954 Alaska Railroad passenger train to add to his collection
of passenger trains for Alaska and the lower United States.
A long string of cars follow 4 powerful Milwaukee Road diesels on the Evergreen Blue line .
Its Milwaukee so its Don Carnegie's train!
Here's member 33 who joined last night at the club after visiting us last week and decided to join up.
His name is Jack Pappas and moved here from Alaska so that makes 2 members from that state.
Luckily we still have only one member from New Jersey!

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