Jan 20, 2017

Strange happenings at the Evergreen Railroad

I could not believe my eyes when I captured on film Steve Weso trying to commit suicide by model
railroad. However we are happy to report that there were no major injuries to Steve as the train was
going slow enough to bounce off his head. Block watch is being formed to keep an eye on him especially
at Gonzaga basketball games where he goes frequently.
When I came back from dinner tonight I caught this strange man working up on TV Mountain.  Wait, that's not a strange man that's our member Rod Huffman!
Then again I repeat myself. But what is he doing? Planting a plane it looks like as some beginner pilot did not see the mountain in time to avoid the crash but bailed
out to catch the local train back to town.  Rumor has it that he was an ex-Air Force pilot!
Maybe it was poor maintenance by some retired Air Force guy that forgot to add oil and gas to the airplane.
Maybe the Minon got it on film with his one eye telephoto lens. Therapy is being offered to the club members
who might find this too stressful.
BBQ anyone. Recent diggings  revealed these dinosaur bones where found in the Huffman Tar Pits just outside
Davenport, Washington. It proves dog, deer and raccoons walked these lands before the white man arrived.
Mainstreeter add-ons in the works. Marvin wanted me to help him with additional baggage cars to add
to his NP passenger train so here is the result. They were Amtrak or Santa Fe cars that got the ribs
removed and sanded off for me to start the process of making them look NP.
We got another new member to the train club today but I don't have a photo of him but I did take a
photo of his pen. Butch Tupper is his name and he is talented enough to build the bullet pen with
rifle mechanism to extend the point!  It's one of the neatest pens I ever saw!  Wow!

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