Dec 30, 2016

Were running trains and taking names!

Burt Whitney takes his Camas Prairie 2-8-0 over Heimerdinger Bridge on what we call the Green Branch that handles mostly mine and lumber at the Evergreen.
We had a guest tonight names Jack that had this strange creature pulling good old BN America
containers and trailers. This is the future of yard locos that work in high population areas as three
small diesels are the power that only work when the demand is needed. Fuel? Pollution?
Mike Baker brought out another unique engine in the form of an Alco RSC-4/5 with 6 axles to spread the
weight on light rails.
The queen of the SP&S fleet was the lone E7 passenger unit that was on the roster. You can see how much
longer it is with the F unit in trail. It had 2 diesels under the hood to make it that long. Thanks Keith.
These trains can be found just outside the Seattle Seahawk stadium. They are comuter trains that work
up and down the Pacific coast taking people to and from work and pleasure every day. Janis owns these.
Never heard of the Santiam & Western Railroad? Neither have I as this is a railroad that only runs in
the mind of new member Will Windom. It looks real to me! Look at those lights!

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