Jan 12, 2017

The Empire Builder returns to the Inland Empire. The train, not the guy!

Thanks to a well known traveling engineer we now can enjoy the likes of a once popular train called the Empire Builder. His name is known throughout the land as Keith the
wandering Wiles. The Great Northern is the grand poo-paa to the Spokane, Portland and Seattle or commonly known as the step-child of the GN. Now if we only had paying customers?
Greg Mercier did not let us down as he brought the real McCoy in the form of SP&S Alcos earning a
real living hauling freight past Mount Whitney and bypassing the Blue main yard to stay on schedule.
We model what we see and now with younger members in the club they remember the BN as their
interests in the hobby. Robert Case had 7 or more BN units with him tonight but if I heard right there
are 40 more in his inventory?
Tom Kirk had this multi unit freight being field tested to see if it could haul some 40 plus cars on the Blue Main.
Canadian National got in a few hours of running with Burt Whitney doing the honors.
Keith Wiles cuts into the birthday cake Marvin made for new member Mike Gray standing to the left
of Keith. Each month we honor one or more members who birthdays fall in that month.

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