Jan 10, 2017

Looking down the tracks....

Welcome to the 21st Century!  Member Scotty Smith has put together a tiny camera with all the support stuff to allow us to view the tracks ahead when he gets to install it in a cab
of a model so it will look like we are sitting in the locomotive and looking out the windows of the cab.  Right now its all sitting in this gondola as a test run.
Will Windom's locomotive was acquired to be the power for this test run today and the results will
follow with a tour of the club layout at track level. New stuff to look forward too!
Marvin took his NP Challenger out for a spin today and it was fabulous to see and hear it run.
Steve Weso showed up with a flock of SP&S locos as his dad worked for them back in the day.
Will did some switching later in the front of the layout with his short line P&W loco he remembers as
a kid growing up in Oregon.
New member Robert Case had new BN locos at the club today with the nickname of "paleface" because
of the white face on the cab. It also has a BN logo instead of the white stripes on the nose.

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