Jan 15, 2017

Back east railroading....gone but not forgotten!

On the other side of Bergen Hill is this junction where Jersey Transit train forgot to stop at the Hoboken station last year. But this shot goes back at least 40 years when it was run
by the Erie Lackawanna Railroad. These are commuter trains on these tracks where the tracks straight out go the the Jersey Meadows and the tracks to the right go to my
old neck of the woods near Passaic, Rutterford, Elmwood and Westwood neighborhoods for all those suburban folks that work in New York. They are electrics.
The loco is a GG1 and it was an icon in modern electric locomotion by the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Then Penn Central painted them black, then Amtrak did this to them, then Conrail added a medium blue
but they never received a better paint job than the original 5 stripe Pennsy scheme.
The Erie Lackawanna ran about one mile from my house in Rochelle Park so it was one of my
favorites when I lived back there. This shot has another attraction for me and they are the famous
Alco FA1 locos that is shown here
Not a back east railroad but a Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 steam engine residing at Scranton, Pennsylvania
at the Steamtown museum. This is the 4012 but the brother of this engine, the 4014 is being restored
for operation by the UP as we speak. I hope to live long enough to see that!
West Penn trolley system survived long enough for a friend to take color photos of it before the
buses took over. The center door is sure unique for a trolley.
How many cites can claim an elevated subway to move people? Not many but New York does.
The date is June 1963 in the Bronx.
Lionel made models of this engine that received the electricity for the third rail near the wheels that
could cause burn out feeling if someone decided to touch it and the ground at the same time. More
commuter stuff from Grand Central station to Harmon, NY, along the Hudson River.
This rare shot is one of the rare shots of early diesels back in 1946 called a Baby face Baldwin for
the Jersey Central Lines. They were mechanical monsters. These photos come from my photo CD
collections that are available to anyone. Let me know if you are interested. Jerry

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