Aug 18, 2016

The HO Empire strikes back! ( I'm running out of headlines?)

Three of my Milwaukee Road locos put on a show as they leave the Blue Main Yard. But where's the
smoke....they are U boats!
Jim Bowden had his Canadian National taken a spin on the railroad today with the Wednesday group.
New to the scene is Don Carnegie's Rocket RDC making the rounds on the Green Branch picking up stray riders and railfans that their cars were acquired by the railroad cops.
A lowly Milwaukee Road switcher brings home the bacon by delivering the goods. No pigs were
hurt in the use of this terminology just given. 
This is my brass model of a Northern Pacific FT set that replaced the steam engines back in the late 40's
but it finally gets to run on the layout thanks to Marvin who replaced the power with reliable parts.
Brass models were the pinnacle of detail back in the day but the power was of poor quality.
A gentleman stopped by the club to show off this 1 in 10 scale model of a grain tower that was  recently
torn down. He took a timber from it and made this model with that wood from it. I guess he wanted to
show it off to men that would appreciate his work....and we did!

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