Aug 24, 2016

Photos taken with my iphone at the club today.

Wearing his SP&S shirt today, Greg Mercier brought in 2 sets of Northern Pacific trains including this beauty representing the North Coast Limited. Greg
joined our club about 1 year before he moved here from the west side of Washington State. He says he does not miss the traffic of the Seattle area.
The other NP train was one of these 4 unit sets of F units. The other set was Marvin's so I got
them to set up for this shot of them passing in the night.....or day.
Engineer John Schwarze does not get enough enjoyment in running the real thing for BNSF so he spends his
leisure time running BN merger stuff on Tuesday afternoons with us! The other train is a Rock Island
commuter train owned by Don Carnegie who usually champions another railroad called the Milwaukee.
Don's big time favorite on Tuesday was this new Rio Grande 4-6-6-4 Challenger hauling a long string of cattle cars.
This Milwaukee unit gets a ride on our transfer table and depending what attention it needs will
determine which door it will enter for service. Saves a lot of track work with this system.

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