Aug 31, 2016

Panoramic photo of Evergreen train club

The room is about 25' by 60' and this is what it looks like with an iphone pan shot pushing the button while panning the room. See the distortion in the building in the lower right corner as the camera tries to "stitch" the images together for the shot.
We are celebrating our 8th birthday for the start of the club back in Sept 1st of 2008 this Thursday and when asked how much have we invested we say $30,000. The bigger answer is that we have as many hours as we have dollars invested. After all,
these things do not build themselves, its done with the creative and savy talents of lots of members. Construction of the foundation, design work, trackwork, wiring, buildings, scenery, trees, painting, signs, the list is endless ....and its all for fun. Thanks Guys!

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