Aug 12, 2016

Gone steaming

Plenty of action was happening on the Evergreen Railroad last night as Tom Kirk got his SP&S Challenger back in running condition thanks to member Jim Bowden repaired the
traction tires on the wheels. New member Greg Domme run the club;s other UP Challenger and Janis ran her Rio Grande 4-8-4 on a freight train.
Greg Domme has his CPRail diesel working the line as the MRL executive train hauls the owner
Marvin Sheppard around his empire!
This Photoshoped photo adds a little more drama to the photo as it gives a still shot some motion
and a sense of power as well. The grey paint scheme comes from passenger equipment for the
Challenger passenger trains of Union Pacific heritage going to Portland, Oregon back then.
Member Don Carnegie is a Milwaukee Road fan and this Little Joe will not remain in this paint
for long. He got it on Ebay and it was from a collection who had a Brazilian railroad who purchased
Little Joes as well. The logos were an easy fix to make it Milwaukee....not!
It still looks pretty good with a string of Milwaukee passenger cars behind it.
I'm selling off my Milwaukee Road diesels which include U boats, SD45s and others with and without DCC.
If you are interested in any of them I will send you more info, just let me know. Jerry 609-939-5845

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