Aug 6, 2016

Evergreen train club picnic finds itself watching trains pass by!

At the end of our picnic at Rathrum, Idaho I finally remembered to take a photo of the event! This pavilion was ours for the day and overlooking the BNSF
main line that is in the tree line in the background. Besides having a steak dinner with lots of trimmings we had about a dozen trains pass while we were there.
I want to thank some of the guys for helping out and spreading the work load to have a successful event. Greg brought the BBQ, Tom and Don took care
of the drinks, I took care of the meats, and Marvin arranged the location and brought in the corn cob. Mike Baker volunteered to be the cook!
We had 15 members show up with 3 wives!  The weather was perfect as well. Thanks guys!
Does this hip roof look familiar? If you are a Milwaukee Road fan you may know it well. It is the
station at Rathrum that remains today as a home for some lucky resident. The tracks were abandoned
around 1975 where they went up to North Idaho to Metaline Falls to serve a mine.
Did you know that Marvin served in the U.S. Army in artillery? I found this cannon at the Greenwood
Cemetery and wondered if Marvin knew how to aim this critter?  Maybe it is one he trained on?
The BNSF finally advertises in the Spokane area as the city
wants to tax every oil and coal car about $250.00 for passing
through Spokane. Imagine every city doing that along the way
and by the time it got to the coast it would be worth the same
as gold.
For your reading pleasure.

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