Aug 20, 2016

Time stands still on the Evergreen Railroad

I think part of the desire for grown, reasonable men to want to model in miniature railroads is the ability to stop time from proceeding into the
future and to remember things in our youth. Here we see what could have been 60 years ago when the railroads ventured into the woods to
bring out commodities such as timber so other Amercians could make useable things with the wood like 2x4s and pianos.
We also model in present day where it is possible to see Canadian Pacific power next to their
competitor Canadian National. I just don't know if we have progressed far enough for the crews
to talk to each other. Some of us have progressed enough to talk to N scalers?
At one time the SP&S was in the passenger business from Spokane to Portland, Oregon where they would
take portions of the Northern Pacific and Great Northern trains and haul them 350 miles on their own tracks.
This is the one and only locomotive that got this paint job as an experiment for the rest of the fleet.
The other side had a different scheme as well.  The real ones got yellow separation stripes instead of red.
Party time was after our meeting on Thursday where we voted in 4 new members into the club plus
Marvelous Marvin made two terrific pies to celebrate 3 members birthdays in August.
This train has 3 identical locomotives called GP60s but each one has a different BNSF paint scheme
that fits a time line or other reasons. It keeps us rivet counters up at night!

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