Aug 19, 2016

Variety is the spice of life.

There are at least 9 places on that Union Pacific loco on the point of John Schwarze train where the number
of the loco shows up.  Ya got to wonder why it is so much needed?  John is a Western Pacific fan and
still resents when Union Pacific took it over!
Mr. Steve Weso had this brace of five SP&S FAs in charge of his train on Wednesday night passing Bakersville named after some obscure Johnson &
Johnson bandage salesman who didn't make the meeting tonight. Nice models Steve!
Marvelous Marvin has these 3 BNSF in 3 different paint schemes which there have been many since
they started painting them 26 years ago. The third one was an experimental scheme that didn't make it
to the big time. And no its not an H1 scheme.
Another shot of Don's Rock Island Rocket making a run on the Green Branch serving miners, off-griders,
and wayward railfans.
Talk about big units, they look even bigger when you paint them red! We see plenty of CP power
come through Spokane from Canada on the old Spokane International (UP) line. But not this clean.
What's this? It looks like the electrical department of the Evergreen Train club is having another
meeting behind closed doors.

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