Sep 22, 2012

What's up with Canada?

When I think of Canada and the railroads that run up there I think of the Great White North, remember those Canadian comedians on TV.  I think they were comedians.
Here we have an ancient wedge snowplow clearing the main with a GP9 and a caboose to help the crew with long hours
and a place to rest

Did you know they had bridges up there? Really big bridges in some places. But what are those foreign locomotives doing in the middle of the power set?

Photo taken near Morant's Curve . Is it possible to take a bad photo up there? Even in inclimate weather?

Once upon a time Canada had a bunch of steam engines and in the cold weather they are even more spectacular!

Years ago, on my way to Calgary you would see a bunch of prairie towers for grain every 20 miles or so. Now most or all of them have been torn down and replaced with something, I don't know. Maybe trucks.

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