Sep 22, 2012

Moon or Miami or...sun over Missoula?

If you guessed the sun coming up on Sunday, Sept. 16th you win the big prize!   With so many western fires going the smoke was pretty intense.
I was even more red than what the photo shows. 

While driving down East Sprague yesterday I noticed the old Children's dentist office had repainted the E unit and is now for sale or lease. The loco is a shell and the passenger car was the operating room and the caboose was his office. John is long gone and its looking for its 3 life. The loco started out as a Pennsylvania passenger unit, then was Amtrak before it was turned into this non-prototypical Southern Pacific color scheme with Spokane International letters.

No more edge of the earth at Evergreen Railroad. I have cleaned up a few skies with Photoshop so I thought I would try my hand into getting the edge
filled in to represent a more realistic photo with Steve Welton's Kansas City Southern engines making the rounds.

New member Doug Sassman brought this BN F45 from me then asked me if I could make it into a Northern Pacific loco? Well prototype be dammed so I did it as they never had this model when the were in business as NP.

I got this Pennsy GG1 electric in a garage sale at a good deal a few weeks ago so I put it through a simple dusting on the top, rusted the wheels and side frames and dull coated the body to remove the factory plastic look. I think it helped. How many of you noticed the wheel off the track? You only see that kind of thing in the photo but not when you are taking the photograph.

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