Sep 22, 2012

On the road to Arizona with the Heimerdinger

Back in the late 50's & early 60s Chuck H. started to travel far and wide to capture the rail scene. Here we have the only coal hauler in Arizona! It's the Black Mesa & Lake Powell Railroad that's electrified with modern equipment. He gets a friendly wave from the engineer.

His main goal was to find the last of the steam operations and here we have the Southwest Railway #2 with a fan trip.

 5 Santa Fe  passenger F units in silver and red have this train in hand on a long curve.

 Another train has the standard freight blue and yellow Santa Fe F units passing a passenger station. Check out the car!

Look how much has changed in this photo from 1958. The cabooses are gone, the jointed rail is gone, 40 foot box cars are hard to find, even the Tuscan brown colors are gone. The zebra stripped GP 9 was Santa Fe's freight colors at the time.


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