Sep 22, 2012

Strange but true

A visitor ( Ron's sister ) told me her daughter works for Maersk last week and I said I have a photo of an engine with that name on here it is. They did a train of Maersk containers and they needed an engine as well as Santa Fe complied to paint them for the publicity photo for their advertising. It's still working!

If you thought that was strange how about a traffic light for PCC cars down in California way. If not will they go bump in the daylight?

This engine looks strange to you? It's the trailing car of a Talgo power train set on display at the Sacramento Rail Fair event
back in 1999.  ( That was last Century?) Normally a loco is attached so it looks right.

Speaking of last Century, maybe this thing goes back in the 1890's or 2 Centuries ago. The Angel's Flight moved
folks from one street to another somewhere in downtown LA. That's in California for you out of towners.

We got strange by the trainload with this 55 Buick looking Train of Tomorrow pulling lightweight passenger cars. The cars were more like bus bodies with flanged wheels for lightweight, fuel savings,and speed. The experiment failed like Chevy Volts and solar panels.

Pretty fancy tunnel portal for the Monmouth Mining facility somewhere down south in California or Arizona. Oh, by the way the portal was built in 1936. Maintenance is kept at a minimum.

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