Sep 22, 2012

How to airbrush paint a Bi-Polar or anything else. Lesson #1

This locomotive was a rare bird as only 5 were built for the Milwaukee Road's electrification between Othello and Seattle, Washington. When I got a paint job to do a one of the non-modernized versions of this locomotive I had to think how am I going to tackle such a complicated paint scheme? A certain ex-Naval aviator will not see this presentation.

First thing I did was to wash it to get any dirt, oils and fingerprints off of it from its 50 year existence. Than I used Scalecoat paint and gave the entire model a coating of Milwaukee Road orange. The model comes apart in three sections so it makes it easier to handle this flimsy model when it is not attached to itself.

I learned a trick some years ago is to waste a decal set and mark where the maroon paint needs to be masked out to so you know where to spray the paint. I masked the front and the sides using these black decals to know where I am going.

 I left the masking tape on so you can see where I was going to spray the paint. The hand rails and other appliances make for an challenging project to apply tape to a brass model.

It always looks strange when the model is not complete but when I add the black paint to the top,
it will look different again.

Now the black is added and it starts looking like the real thing as the orange was overwhelming the model. Some brush work is still needed and the final step is to add a thin black stripe between the orange and the maroon. Remember the front decals? They will be redone as the paint covered most of the decal as planned. Some road dust is also in the future. I'm doing one for myself as I do the paid job at the same time.

Yes, the model does come with wheels and they get a coating of black and later some rust and grime. Its smart to cover the motor when spraying so the owner does not have to buy a new one because of paint.
I use a telephone book as my paint base and it sits on a lazy Susan and rotates so I don't touch the models.

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