Sep 22, 2012

Visiting sunny Alberton, Montana

This past weekend Mike Baker and I went on a road trip to Missoula, Montana for a train Show and we stopped at what used to be a crew change for the Milwaukee Road. The station is now a community center for the town but it was still an active train station when I last visited back here in 1973

This shows an eastbound freight from the other side of the building. Now houses are all over the track and yard areas.

Somebody was thoughtful enough to save a bay window caboose for a nice museum site to remember what they used to have.

The interior looks about right when they were in service. Spartan looking comes to mind.

I'm not sure what is was but I would guess that it was a short 60 foot baggage car. Whatever the historical value it had is long gone.

Across the street are bars and a restaurant plus a very large book store.

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