Sep 22, 2012

Next time take the trolley

This is how the folks in Spokane got around back in the good old days on the Spokane trolley system. The Inland Empire Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society rescued a derelict trolley body from Chewelah and replaced most of it by using the old body for templates to make the new part. This is at the Spokane County Fairgrounds and it will be moved to a new site in Reardon, Washington in the near future.

Another rare gem they have is this old Milwaukee Road bull nosed dump truck. This is the first time I have seen it.

 The Milwaukee Road bay window caboose has turned from orange to pink. Maybe they can repaint it back to its proper color soon. Maybe not.

The Washington State Patrol is getting large equipment for the highways of our state. At least this one is easy to identify if he was behind me.

Lastly I caught this DC3 flying around during my stop at the Fairgrounds on Friday. Its lettered for American Airlines. The DC3 designation was for passenger service and the C47 designation was for the freight version. During WW2 the military used these planes for parachute jumps. Normandy comes to mind. A lot of them were shot down before the men could jump.

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